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limited slip clutches


January 20, 2008
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Explorer '03 Eddie Bauer
I posted earleir about the possibility of the brakes sticking on my 03 explorer. It turns out that I wasn't even feeling a brake problem. The problem is a shuttering/grabbing when I come out of a stop and turn the wheels. I was told that this was likely the cluthces sticking on the limited slip rear end. I have read that this is a common problem with this vehicle. I had the rear end grease changed this morning and also put the limited slip additive in there. It hasn't gotten any better and seems to be getting worse pretty fast. How much should I expect to pay a dealer to rebuild the clutches if that is indeed the problem?


Its not a matter of rebuilding them its a matter of replacement. As well, if you do not have to go to a stealership then don't. Any mechanic can do this for you and probably a heck of alot cheaper too!!!!