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limited slip vs aussie locker

how bad is the tire wear with lockers? my alignment is dead on

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You know how normally the front tires wear faster than the rear. Well, now its the other way around. I still managed to get about 40k miles out of a set of 33" BFG At's and they had enough tread left for me to get $25-$50 each for them at the swap meet (3/32's to 4/32's).


The feeling you get when you get on/off the gas with a locker is the rear is called locker wiggle. At least that is what it seems to have been called over the years.

Soft Suspension, Soft tires, mismatched tire inflation and even alignment can cause the locker wiggle to be more pronounced. I can tell when our rear tires are 2psi different left to right since the locker wiggle is much more pronounced.
i still think its more caster in my case, but is the wiggle what im describing?

and yes, rear will wear faster.

I went back and re-read your post where you described what your feeling. That does sound like locker wiggle to me. Basically the truck is changing directions..

Soft rear springs and/or caster change via the front left lifting some when you get on the throttle can change the direction. Even different tire pressures will make it change direction.

The word "wiggle" can be misleading.. its not like the truck wiggles under you.. It changed direction and you correct it and viola, it wiggled.


The wiggle is much more pronounced in a manual trans vehicle. And any difference in psi is noticeable. I noticed mine was getting worse but psi was fine and pulled my front tires and found my drivers side wheel bearing was loose.