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Limited Speaker Replacements


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February 17, 2001
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Central Texas
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2004 Mountaineer 4.6L
My wife and I have a nice 96 Limited V-8 which has a good sounding DVD system. However, one of the speakers in the back door is starting to rattle with heavy bass.

Can anyone recommend a good speaker brand/model for the back doors that would equal OE or better and compliment the other speakers in our Limited Edition? Thanks for your help! Mike

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Hey Man, JL audio is in my opinion above and beyond all the rest. If you are'nt gonna run a external amp the TR series 5x7's are perfect.

Thanks 4X402! Afraid we are an older couple who does not know much about speakers. What are "TR series" and where can we get them?

Wife and I are into Bluegrass and Gospel music, so we need some good replacements. Again, thanks for the help! Mike

JL Audio speakers are very expensive, high quality speakers, noted for deep pounding bass. Their subwoofers are without a doubt the best, and their extreme price reflects that.

If you want to get the full effect of new speakers, getting new speakers all around will do the best job. However, you can get pretty much any speakers and they will sound better than the OEM speakers. OEM speakers all have paper cones, giving them faster reaction times, but making everythign else worse. Most any aftermarket speakers you get will have a better cone material, making the sound much better overall.

That being said, The Infinity Refernce 6x8 is a very clean and crisp speaker, and Infinity has a great reputation. You can get a set of 2 at for around 70 dollars I believe(if it's still on sale). SHould give you good performance all around, and be very crisp for your DVDs.

Thanks, TTG, for your help and input. I believe Infinity are also handled at a nearby Circuit City Store and installation is available also there. Again, we appreciate your help!