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Lincoln Blackwood Delayed


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July 18, 1999
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Published: June 23, 2000
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By: Steve Blake

A source within Ford Motor Company informed BlueOvalNews on Thursday, the scheduled production date of the new Lincoln Blackwood SUV has been pushed back by three months to April 15, 2001 due to "vendor concerns."

The Blackwood is based on the already popular F150 SuperCrew which dealers are finding increasingly difficult to build up adequate inventories, because of strong consumer demand even in the face of higher gasoline prices.

The delay is part of many production problems that have recently plagued Ford Motor Company. The redesigned Thunderbird has been pushed back already and just a month ago, Ford Division announced it had cancelled plans to produce a 2000 model year SVT Mustang Cobra.
Cutting back on warranty repairs, dissapointing customers with introduction times, come on Ford!