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List of vehicles with a 5R55E?


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January 7, 2008
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I hope this is not covered somewhere obvious, i tried searching. Does someone know what other vehicles the 5R55E came in, from searching it sounds like 97-01 explorers. Not sure if it would be similar for rangers, or if they were put in any other ford vehicles. Thanks for the help!

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This may not be 100% acuurate but most vehicles with the 4.0 SOHC are paired with the 5R55E. Like my 03 Sport Trac. I know 4.0's in the newest explorer's are still using that tranny.

I read that they went to a 5R55N 5R55S and 5R55W starting in about 01, but I am not completely sure either, just trying to get my head around this. Mine is a 2000 with the OHV 4.0 Thanks for the quick reply

Just Explorers, Rangers, and the '97 Aerostar if I remember correctly.

All three had the 4r55e before the 5r came out. Explorers got the 5r55e starting in '97, and I think the Ranger got it in '01 though I could be wrong.

don't know if you're looking for a direct interchange or parts. here are some listings with 5R55E trannys: (all coming behind a 4.0 OHV)

'97 Aerostar
'97-'03 Mazda B4000
'97-'01 Explorer
'02-'03 Sport and Sport Trac
'97-'03 Ranger


That is exactly what I was looking for. I am looking for a direct interchange so I have a list of vehicles I could pull one out of to put in my explorer. Are all of these vehicles a direct swap electrical connectors and all? thanks

Does anyone have a list of 5r44e year and models? I have an 04 Ford ranger 3.0 RWD and was removing a 5r55e trans from an explorer with 4x4 and realized it was not gonna fit the ranger... any suggestions?