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Little custom radio placement.


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March 28, 2006
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Tempe, AZ
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1997 Sport
So I have a 97 sport, the center console doesn't go all the way up to the dash, it has that space so I was thinking of taking the radio out of the factory location and making that into a gauge pod, just a fiberglass panel there to hold 3 gauges maybe. Then were the ash tray is get rid of that and make a holder for a stereo down there. It wouldn't fold up into the dash or anything, just figured down there it might not be as susceptible to heat since the hvac won't be slow roasting it from below and it would look cool. Anyone see any possible problems with doing something like that?

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There is one thing I can see a problem with, the wires all will need to be extended, for the speakers and antenna. Also, won't there be heat from the floor blower vent? I doubt that would be too much of a problem compared to the fiberglassing.

I do think it is very do-able, if there is enough room. I think it would be pretty sweet, too, if you could get it to work there.

I say, go for it!

Well it would be forward of the floor vent, I need that vent it's my life blood when it get's cold out, my big feetsies (Sp?) get cold quick. My only concern was in fact the fiberglassing because...well I've never done it before and can't even think of how to begin BUT I could always glass room in for a fan or something too so I could keep cool air blowing on it, plus being down there I dunno if people would see it so I might not have to worry as much about people wanting to liberate my stereo from my car.

Then again with the stereo all the way down there you have to take your eyes completely off the road to change a station or do anything with it... we are losing explorers daily it seems, no need to become a statistic

remote control my dear friend, remote control. I don't look at the radio for anything, maybe a glance to see what time. I preset all my radio stations and play all cds on random, and I memorize the remotes so I don't have to look at the deck or anything while driving.

your idea sounds very doable. however have you thought of making a glass panel for the gauges and put that where ever you like and leave the radio the way it is?

well I was thinking if I move the radio it wouldn't be getting cooked by the hvac controls. I could always just make something to put gauges below the ashtray but i wanted to get the deck away from that heat.

you could always build a duct and fan to draw cool air across the head unit if you worried about heat.

I'm only worried about it because my current deck keeps distorting and skipping and just screwing up all over the place so I assume it's heat....and a crap deck.

yup. It's not that the vehicle is bouncing either cause I have a liquid air freshner right above the radio and the liquid isn't moving at all in that.

sounds like your ready for a new head unit. i dont think the heat from the heater ducts is causing you issues.

Sounds like when i get a new head unit the pos panasonic I have now is being lit on fire.

ive never been a fan of panasonic. ive had good luck with pioneer, alpine and kenwood head units. i would stay away from sony(personal opinion)ive seen too many go bad over time

I don't buy sony anything for the car because all I've heard about it is it's junk. Kenwood as always done alright by me, I went with a panasonic because I have ALWAYS had great luck with thier other electronics, discmans, dvd players and whatnot, I guess they just fall way short in the mobile electronics department.