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Little more lift on 95 sport


August 7, 2006
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Buffalo, NY
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'95 Sport 4x4
Yo, I just got a TT and rear air shocks. it gave me a total lift of 2" all around. I want to know how else i could get even lift. I cant get a suspension or body lift yet, any suggestions??

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40 inch tires and a saw...:confused:
maybe some shackles...?

Just get a suspension or a slight body lift like 2".. Two inches will give you a little bit more clearance..

if you have any fabrication skills you could make your own shackles. I made mine from a piece of flat steel bar, 2" wide, 1/4 thick. Cut four strips 9 1/2 inches each and drill the holes 7 1/2 inches apart. stock ones are about 5 1/2 inches apart so this will give you an additional 2" of lift in the rear. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck!

thx for the replies so far. but what can i do to the front to match the lift of the shackles in rear? remember i already have a TT, is there anything else i can do besides a susp of body lift??
P.S. 32-33" tires in the works

without doing a coil over conversion I dont know of any other way. As I said I have the shackles and add a leafs in the rear, plus the four door leafs which are stiffer and my truck sits pretty level. Look at my pic. The 2 doors almost always sag so it takes a good bit just to correct that.