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Living the dream. Bought another EB.


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February 16, 2014
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Waterloo, WI
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99 and 98 Explorer EB
Over the last month it had become undeniable that the rust on my truck had gotten to the point of no return. There would be too much bodywork needed to justify trying to fix it. A friend of mine was over helping load up the top for a camping trip and he stood on the side step. It gave out under his weight. Then the other side did the same when my wife stood on it while camping. Like most of us, I love my truck and hated the idea of getting a newer car and having a car payment. I started scouring Craigslist and found some rust free trucks in Arizona, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Way too far (I'm in Wisconsin). Then I found a '98 Eddie Bauer in Iowa that had come from Texas. Rust free and the same color scheme as my current truck. It was owned by a mechanic and driven by his daughter. Only problem was reverse was out. After getting my wife on board, a friend and I made the 5 hour drive to pick it up. Still drove great (213k miles) and I ended up driving it the whole way home. Only paid $450 for it. Going to start pulling the good stuff off the '99 to put on the '98. I'm pretty excited.

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The plan (which may change) is to put the fender flares, side steps, front bumper, brush guard, trailer hitch, wheels and tires and passenger fender from the '99 onto the '98. Also want to do some sort of undercoating for rust prevention. Not sure if anyone is aware, but pulling the transmission is a HUGE pain in the a$$.

The '99. Since this pic I have repainted the brush guard and painted all the tan trim to grey.

Did anyone know that the trim mounting holes are different between these two years and trim styles? Well, they are.