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Load Leveling Options

Is Add-A-Leaf (AAL), Helper Springs, and Overload Leafs the same thing?

I just installed brand new 4-door leafs. Surprisingly, they don't feel any stiffer or give any more height than the thicker mono leaf; and they might even be softer. I got the 4-door leafs from LMC Truck and they are stamped FoMoCo, however the leafs look thinner and the overload leaf is arched, not straight, like other 4-door leafs I see on this site.

Back to my question: Which is the best option to prevent sag while towing, but be able to easily "loosen" it for offroad flex, but not necessarily giving more lift:
1) AAL/Helper/Overload Leafs (it seems Hellwig is the way to go?)
2) Roadmaster
3) Monroe Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting Shocks (they look cool, but I question how stiff that spring could be and I couldn't easily disable it for offroading)
4) I saw ExplorerExpress selling an affordable Air Lift kit years ago, but a google search literally comes up with only 2 links, both John V's posts from this site.
What happened to this, John?


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the spring shocks look cool, but one problem could arise from their use, the upper shock mount is not very structural, it might not hold the weight, and might even bend,, after all it is just bent sheet metal.
maybe with a little welding a support could be made to make them work,,

the loadmaster to me, looks like a spring you put under pressure to pull the center towards the front,, causing the front to arch more,, more arch, would cause a bit more lift ,
as for the air lift kit,, it would take a bit of the weight off the springs and put it on the air bag and straight to the axle, and the frame,, , might be the best option

I bought a set of add a leafs , but my springs are toast they have not been installed yet, so i cannot tell about them yet ,