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LOC-RITE in a 1-ton Diff Mod


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January 17, 2012
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Rowlett TX
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1999 Ford STranger 4x4
Dont know if this will be useful to anyone but im sure this will probably go towards anyone who is going to use a Loc-Rite locker in the front of an SAS..
The rear detroit and 5:13's have been built for about 5 months now... i finally got around to finishing up the axle gurdle/truss on my front 1 ton so it was time to stuff the axle.. (2007 Ford F-350 1-ton axles)
I decided to run a Loc-Rite in the front, after reading the manual on instalation of the locker, i noticed it said you "might need to slightly modify the differential carrier for fitment purposes" slightly... LOL!
i didnt think to get a picture of the bare carrier but here is the factory side i didnt have to mod...Notice the nice rounded edges of the inside of the case and the amount of meat around it

So i started Grinding... this much and still a no-go

now in this last picture where i actually ground enough off for the locker to just slide in.. notice all the curve and meat from the first pic is gone on the opposite side that i had to mod.. one side is now just a square hole...

all in all. i kept all the grounds and weighed them out to just under 8ounces of material removed for the "slight" modification of the carrier... i dont mind though... its a 1-ton

just though this might give you a grasp if your thinking of running a locker that requires "slight" mod's to the differential carrier


Yep... Says it directly in the manual...