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location for aftermarket amps?

Mr Fozzy

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February 3, 2009
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Puyallup Wa
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02 XLT Explorer
I was just needing some suggestions on where to mount another aftermarket amp. Here is what I have installed so far. Sony headunit. Alpine 6 1/2 type r component set in front doors. Alpine type R 5X7 in rear doors with a alpine mrp f250 mounted under middle row middle seat.

I will be installing a single alpine type r 12 dvc 4ohm sub in a removable box powered by an alpine mrp m450 amp.

I have a 2002 xlt explorer with the third row seating. I can't mount the mrp m450 under the front seats (no room) middle seat of middle row (already have the rp f250 here) or the other 2 middle seats (they fold up for access to 3rd row). I have already checked under access pannel for jack and spare tire. (no room) behind drivers side rear body pannel (I have the rear tunnel ac&heat) The pass side rear body panel (gas fill leaves no room) I was just trying not to have to mount it to the subwoofer box using quick disconnet terminals. Does anyone know of a spot that I may be overlooking? The box has to remain removable ( I have 4 large rottweilers). Any ideas?

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Here you go:




Welcome to the forum and when you're done show us some pics!

Thanks Jad I may just have to mount both amps in this location if I have the room.

I have amps under all 4 seats (I have rear buckets) and most of my other electronics on a rack behind the second row. In the past, I have mounted amps on the box or made a rack somewhere.

I want to find a new way too. Something stealth but I have a q-logic sub enclosure when the factory sub is.



I'm not sure where I could stuff these Axionixx amps. They are not huge but are no means small. I have a really bad back and neck and sometimes need to lay down in the back of my explorer and this amp rack gets in the way. I could just build one big false floor.