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Locker for sale

I will be pulling the powertrax locker out of my dana 35 (1st Gen TTB axle) shortly. It has no issues, I am upgrading to lower gears and a selectable locker. Looking for $200 OBO.

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Which model is it?
part# 2310-LR..............Lock Right.............(open case)
part# 92-0435-2705......Powertrax No-Slip...(open case)
part# 92-0435-2725......Powertrax No-Slip...(posi case)

Cloaked: I don't know for sure, I have had it in my rig for the past 3 years. It was definitely for a open case though, so its either 2310-LR or 92-0435-2705. I should have it pulled out soon. If I can find my receipt, I'll get you an answer. Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't had time to get on the computer a lot lately.

I have a powertrax no-slip in my rear axle, but I'm not too happy with it. It works great most of the time, but I like to take my corners quicker than it was designed to on the pavement so it locks up when I don't want it to. It also sometimes doesn't lock up at all for a few seconds. I'm sure it is just that the alignment has changed over time because it never slipped when I put it in.

I have the locker out. Turns out it's the lockrite locker. It has no issues and worked flawlessly. I recently installed a ARB, so the lockrite is just sitting in my garage. Looking for $200 shipped.


still have this locker... make me an offer.

I have a 94 with d35 ttb. Manual lockers. Would that locker work in mine? Ever break anything with it installed? So far im stock with 31s and iv snapped a couple hubs lol.

You must have an open carrier axle to use that locker. If you have limited slip, you will need a different carrier.

exploregon94 - yes, the locker will work in your axle. I would invest in the jeep hub upgrade. I ran 35" tires on the stock axle shafts, 3.73's and the Jeep hubs for a while. Never broke anything. My still of driving is very conservative though. I only use enough throttle to get over or through whatever obstacle is in front of me.

Cloaked is correct, as long as your front diff is not a limited slip carrier this locker will work.

I know for a fact I have opens front and rear. I used to be the floor it type of guy, but in my growing wiser I have learned to stay clear of deep mud and just aproach things with more strategy. Less parts flying lol. If you still have the item after the 24th, ill buy it.

Ok, exploregon. Doesn't seem to be getting much attention, so sounds good to me.

Locker been sold yet? Post hasn't been bumped in awhile, worth a shot though.

Yes, has it been sold or still have it?