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locker question


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June 26, 2008
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Shohola Pennsylvania
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1994 Ford Explorer
ok I would like to get a locker soon but im not sure about what to get. I use my truck as a daily driver and I offroad about once or twice a month. I was thinking about either a detroit EZ locker or a Aussie locker but I read that the detroit locker will grind the gears when engaging and disengaging. So I was just wondering if I could get someones 2 cents about these lockers or possibly suggest a better locker for my situation, maybe something that I could turn on and off? Any advice would be great.

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The EZ lockers are known to fail very fast. The Aussie and Powertrax units are much better.

I have an Aussie up front and a Powertrax in the rear... no problems with either... Had them in for about 3 years. I drive the 1,000 miles to CO and do the trails out there twice a year, plus local trails, and parks every few weeks - and until I installed the lift wifey drove it to get grocery's. (It's not skirt friendly she says :-)

Hope that helps.

ok so it looks like the aussie locker is my best bet because the power trax is $200 more expensive

Powertrax makes both the lock-right and no-slip. The lock-right is comparable in price to the aussie.