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Lockout stuck on spindle


February 1, 2012
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1994 explorer
I wanted to repack the bearings but the lockout is stuck on, I can't even pry it off. It will pry out about a hair and that's it. What's the deal?

I noticed kind of a grinding noise when I'd start off and turn right and then it would quit once I took off. I repacked the passenger side and that hub came off fine, I'm starting the left and it's stuck on.

Any ideas? And any ideas on how to get it off?


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If it's stuck the internals are probably smashed and jammed between the outer hub body and the spindle.

Gonna have to bang and pull and pry and replace.

By 'lockout' do you mean locking hub? If so, and if it's an auto hub, did you remove that little pin that locks all the washers/nuts onto the spindle? That one stumped me once...

Lockout hub,and I banged and pryed on it and finally got it off. The outer nut and come loose and the washer were grinding on the interior of the hub, big mess.

Thanks for the replies.

It was back to the 80's HAMMER TIME! I use a boddy hammer to pull the hub and spindle off. Those things can get really stuck.