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Long Jeep


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
I still lurk around on here even though I currently do not have an RBV to wheel.

What I do have, even though a Jeep, is at least a cool Jeep. I have replaced my explorer with a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, or LJ. In family since new and I know all of its long list of issues. Although the Jeep is mainly used for adventure camping, It is built to take on tougher trails and rocks when I get in the mood.

Here's a list of your basic bolt on Jeep mods that currently reside on the Long Jeep
3.5" Rubicon Express super flex short arm system
adjustable upper arms front and rear
1.25" body lift
undercover fab trans skid
advance adapters sye
adams driveshafts front and rear
rear d44 with 5.13s and yukon grizzly full carrier locker
front d30 with 513s and spartan luncbox
chromoly front axle shafts
chromoly rear axle shafts
currie anti-rock front sway bar
teraflex oil pan skid
teraflex trans pan skid
rugged ridge rear tire carrier
warn 9.5ti winch
savvy np231 cable shifter
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 35x12.50r15
poison spyder rock rails


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Nice Jeep, is it automatic or manual transmission? I'm a ford guy but I do own a few Jeeps, a WJ and a KJ with a diesel.

I've never had any experience with it, I don't think the nsg370 is any better.