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Long trip ahead


February 28, 2011
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2016 Sport
I'll be driving from Savannah, GA to New Jersey next weekend. The trip is right around 1,500 miles round trip. I currently have just under 3k on my X. My question is, should I go ahead and change the oil before I leave?

Also, what are the pros and cons of using full synthetic compared to the blend recommended?

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I'm not a mechanic..but from what I have read, your first oil change should be around 3000..and then subsequent ones at normal intervals.

synthetic vs blended I can't answer.

In my Explorer I did the first oil change at the 1,000 mile mark, and upgraded to full synthetic 5W20. I will change the oil every 5-7,000 miles here on out.

Full synthetic is better than blended. If you change the oil or not is your call. 7500 miles is what the recommended interval (if you ignore the Oil Monitor in the vehicle) for changing oil is.

Search the forums for several recent (long) threads on when to change your oil and the pros and cons of synthetic vs. non. Trust me, I don't think anyone wants to rehash that thread :)