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Longer front axles?


January 17, 2010
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2000 Sport
Are there any OE axles that are longer than stock but will fit into the front diff and hubs? Im getting ready to start fabbing up some long travel arms, and thought if there was an OE axle that would fit, I would build the arms around them. On Tacomas you can use tundra axles, hoping something similar can hapen with the explorer.

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Nope. None that I know of. You're looking at a custom set of shafts for sure, and the necessary length will depend on how you design your long travel arms. You'll want to find a shop that can do that for you... I know a few in my area that could probably have them made, but that doesn't do you much good. Flip through the back of any of the off road magazines and there will be plenty of national sources for them.

You can build anything.

Autozone sells CV axles. Cvs are the bendy part of the front axle. Replace that with something longer. I don't see a reason to replace the front differential. I don't know if the ends of a different Cv will match up with your axel. That is the most important thing.

you will need loner tie rod ends and brake lines also.

As far as the arms go, I would try to find a longer upper control arm and then make the lower.

I always wanted to try the and modify the suspension from and F150 and put it in the explorer. I never got around to measuring the F150s parts. Go to the junk yard and look at that first. Or find a friend with a 150

Looks like the dixon bros axles would be the way to go since they are 930 cvs. I have the front of the truck somewhat taken apart to get an idea what ive got ahead of me. Anyone know what the stock travel numbers are for the fronts of these guys? Im halfway tempted to just fab stock length arms and new shock towers and run a good coilover and try to squeeze all the travel i can out of them(stock mini class style). This is the hardest part of a project for me. Im so damn indecisive lol.