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longer radius arms


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August 28, 1999
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I will be putting longer R.A. on shortly and would like to hear from anyone that has done so with a Duff 2.5 inch lift. Is there anyone useing the Duff long link arms? If so, how do you rate them? Also, is it ok to use a radius arm from another company like Superlift or Rancho? Any thoughts are welcome.

JJW, 92 xlt,4x4

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I'll be putting on my Duff long link radius arms this weekend if UPS delivers them today or tommorow. So far I have been impressed with the Duff products, and I don't doubt the quality of the radius arms. I suppose you could use the extended radius arms from another company, but it's kind of like mixing apples and oranges.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Brett Grooms
94 Explorer Sport

When I called duff regarding extended RAs they claimed I would also need to purchase their dual shock hoop setup in order for them to work. Any truth to this?

The last time I talked to them about our 92 they said I would need a new cross member (tranny mount) since ours wraps around the outside of the frame. He did not mention anything about the dual shock front to us. Currently we have the 2.5" stage I kit (no dual shock setup)..


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Extended Radius arms are in. It took a good chunk of the weekend to accomplish it. The James Duff radius arms are very impressive. They are actually longer than the Superlift Radius arms. I ran into a few glitches along the way, but nothing too major. They seem to be working well with the double shock setup, however, I would say that it probably is not required. We'll see how they perform in MOAB.

Brett Grooms
94 Explorer Sport