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Look What I Got!!! Soundguy's New Ride!

Hey Guys, its been many months in searching, many posts of questions, and finally... here she is...


Brand Spankin New 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLS. Many many mods to come... first will be the keyless entry/alarm, then better radio, also lookin for some rims... and fog lights of course... Thanks for the help, and I will surely miss my 91 XLT when it finally sells... Anyone want a slighty used (140k miles) Ford Explorer XLT (1991)? Ive got one for sale! 2wd...


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hope to see all ur future mods


PS: does ne one else see another BlackMagic in the making ;)

Wow! Looks real good man! Just think of it as a clean slate. My first mod suggestion : Lose the dealer plate on the front:D

well... i was just thinking... i need to name it so i can get some vanity plates... and nah, not a black magic wanna be... more of a individual... i dont wanna be a copier...

How 'bout STEALTH, or socec it's your second EX what about SLKREX (sleeker EX)

That is drool-worthy! Beautiful X. Ah nuts, now my shirt is wet.

Is the new one 4x4?

Also, looks like time to update the avatar :D

How much you looking at selling the old one for?

Diablo: Its 2wd... I dont ever plan on having 4x4 unless I see that I Will actually use it. Not too much stuff to crawl on around here excpet street curbs and such... cough: Alec : cough...
Alec: Askin $2500... its pretty solid, just needs AC work (approx $1000 worth). If your interested, Ill entertain offers. :)

gee, i go away for a day and dont log on, and what happens? my thread gets lost in the craziness, and buried under the hundreds of others... haha... seriously, i was offline for like 22 hours, and i missed almost updated or new 300 threads, and who knows how many posts... makes me feel overwhelmed...

pics don't work.

yea i just njoticed that, im workin on gettin them swapped over to my elite gallery hosting...

Ok got that fixed... Sorry... Picture fuse.com was being retarded... not sure what the deal was... never had a prob hostin pics before until tonight... oh well... Now its hosted on Ricks space so its not goin anywhere!

That looks like a great Canvis to start with, If I do say so myself! Also if you have any questions let me know.