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Looked at tires today

I was at Wal-Mart and had some time to kill, so I wandered over to the tire department.

I went and found the size I have right now, 255/70/16. Then I found a 265/75/16, and put it side by side the stock size and a 31x10.5 that I found. the 265/75 was definately bigger than the 255/70.. the 255/70 was about the same size as the 31x10.5. Then I found a 285/75/16 (no 275/75's). WOW! It was a lot bigger than the 255/75/16, and bigger than the 31x10.5, too.

So, I'm guessing the 265/75 is roughly the same size as a 32x10.5?
And the 285/75 is about the size of a 33x10.5?

I liked the 285/75's.. I'd be able to fit them with TT/F150/2"BL, right?

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I tried the 265/75's on my X and they rubbed....

I've got 265/75R16's with just a torsion twist aal/shackle lift. You should be fine. And I second the motion about wal-mart tires...