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Looking at buying this trailer

Looking at maybe buying this trailer, Its 21ftx6'6ft, needs work but i can get it for $300. Only thing that worries me is i cant tell if it use to be a moblie home trailer converted or what. It deff has MH axles (3 of the tires themselves say on the side MH use only), axles are welded together in the middle and rear axle has that greyish pipe welded in place. Dont know if its over axle or not but if i did get it i would buy regular axles for it. Lemme know what you guys think about it. Not sure whether or not i should get it or not. I have plenty of metal at my house, from 3 inch sqaure tubing, to angle iron and c channel. Need help thanks.




Those appear to be mobile home axles someone narrowed- they are not DOT approved tires and bearings, some states are strict on pulling trailers with those axles, some are not. The springs appear to be single leaf house trailer springs too, very stiff and not much good on a daily use trailer. Price is decent, but be prepared to spend some cash on springs, axles and tires to make it useable long term.