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Looking at installing HIDs

Well after I get my headlight housings painted black and get the corner lights switched over to the black housing clear corners I'm going to be installing HIDs in the headlights and fog lights. Looking at the 55w 8k sets from DDM Tuning. Now my main concern is, am I going to throw any error codes if I install HIDs? And in the fog lights should I use the 55w sets or should I use the 35w sets and if I use the 35w sets what temp should I buy to match the color of the 55w 8K's?

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Are you looking for brighter lights? Or do you just want to be a jerk and put cool looking blue headlights in to impress the ladies...

If you actually want to see, buy a set of these for your low and high beams.


If you want to be a jerk, 8000K 55W usually equals 5000K 35W in color, so match it that way. No guarantees though, aftermarket cheap bulbs vary by color all the time.

No I ran HIDs in my car before and I won't go back to a standard bulb. Yea HIDs look cool too, but they do serve a purpose. They light up the road 10x better than any halogen light.

And I maybe a newb to the site, but I've been on forums for the last 6 years. I don't think I should be judged just because I want to buy HID lights. If buying HID lights makes me a jerk, there must be a lot of jerks on this site.

Just sayin...

HID lighting

been running HIDs for a year now. i go on long trips with my 2000 explorer XLT. have avoided many an obsticle (deer, boxes, etc.) cause i can see them sooner. easy to install and bright as hell. i love them

I don't think the 2003 had warning lights if the bulbs were burned out, but I could be wrong.
I have the 35 watt kit from DDM and I've found it to be plenty bright without being too annoying to other drivers (have yet to be flashed by anyone since installing, and my wife driving in front of me said they weren't any more annoying than regular lights). But that's not to say the 55 watt would be too bright or anything.

For what its worth, I wouldn't bother with the hi/low beam kit. It was about $20 more expensive and honestly, even when driving mine in the middle of nowhere at night, I think I have only used the brights once.

get the 55w 6000k (pure white), any more will be ricer blueish. no more than 35w in the fogs or melting the housing could become a true possibility. definatly go with ddm.....

Thank you for some good info everyone. That's what I was really looking for. I had 8K in my previous car and loved them, but I don't know if they were 35 or 55w.