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Looking for A/C repair NYC


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May 29, 2012
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New York, NY
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1991 Explorer XL
Hi all,

Thanks to all who have contributed to this forum. I've found it incredibly helpful. So here's my problem.

'91 Explorer XLT 4WD, 78K miles.

The a/c keeps leaking coolant... a recharge will now only last a week or two. I think what may have happened is that over the years with various a'c repairs (new shrader valves, a couple of new hoses, and a new compressor) the coolant was changed from the original r-12 to r-134 but the seals weren't changed. So I think that I need to take it to a dedicated a/c repair shop rather than any old mechanic. Does anyone know of a great a/c repairman in New York City.

Thanks all,