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Looking for a fuel pump, help

March 22, 2013
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Miami beach, fl
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2003 sportrac

I'm in the hunt for a new fuel pump for my 02 ford explorer sportrac 4.0 v6 automatic premium package xlt

I called the dealer and of course they want top dollars for their motorcraft pump, best price i got was $400

Can someone recomend any other options out there please???

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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airtex pumps are oem spec pumps sold at autozone. catch is in as of march 5 2002 the pumps changed in the trac so you will need to find your manufactured date on the driver's door sticker and tell them that. also there is a 4 pin and 5 pin veriation of the pumps so you will also need to verify what you have factory pin wise. the ranges in price from 160-340

link below to autozone airtex pumps for 02 trac

Thanks boshka for your post, i just checked with them

05dakotatrac, i found this Airtex E2348M fuel pump at Amazon at $162. It looks perfect for my truck, but i'm still a little bit confused about the 4 and 5 pin. 2 people who bought this pump wrote this:

"By William Salisbury - February 25, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase
I bought this fuel pump to replace the failed one on my 2002 Ford sporttrac. Build date 04/2002 this pump will not work on a sporttrac built earlier than 03/2002! The reason I bought Airtex brand is because Doing research I found that a motocraft fuel pump is a reboxed Airtex! And the ford price was $437.00 + tax. Also doing research I found Amazon to have the lowest price at $166.24 a real bargain.

The pump arrived well packed and double boxed. Time will tell the story about the quality of the pump! The pump and the box were both labeled made in the U.S.A. So I feel confident this high quality pump will last many years and miles."

And this

"By randall - June 13, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase
Bought this fuel pump for my 03 Sport trac was worried because dealer price was $400 and dealer pump had 5 pins this one has only 4. After taking old pump out I noticed that the 5th pin is not used in my Sport trac its just a dummy pin so this fuel pump worked great and saved me $250."

So, based on this i should be fine, since my trac is labeled 10/02 and the 5 pin is not and issue...???

What you guys think?

Many thanks!

nice good job and hope it goes good for ya