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looking for a transmission temperature gauge


October 23, 2003
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west springfield, ma
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91 xlt
i cant seem to find any, can i just use a water temerature gauge or do i have to find a transmission tempereture gauge? and does any one recommend any special brand? thanks.

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There are special gauges, I recommend Autometer.

I got a transmission temp gage from a local speed shop in Denver.

Autometer, 2-5/8" electrical Phantom tyoe gage.
Came with the sender, wiring, and gage for $40.

One stop at the harware store and I had it hooked up in 30 minutes.

Now the best way to do it is to tap into the tranmission pan for the sender, I will do this next time the pan is off.

You can find them at Jegs, Summit, or truckperformance.com.

You can also order them from anywhere that carries Autometer gages.

thanks a bunch

im really looking in to it

It's easier to install the gauge if you buy an aux transmission filter because there is a port in the filter bracket for a sender.

I'll second what Hartman said.
You can't go wrong with adding a filter any way.
I got my Perma-Cool filter for like $80.00 and it came with the guage.

The autometer gauges are pretty sweet. Top is a vac and bottom is the tranny temp.



hey Riverrat

Where di you find your pod? do you know where i can find one for my 91, thanks

Re: hey Riverrat

Originally posted by hockey4704
Where di you find your pod? do you know where i can find one for my 91, thanks

Summit. Don't know if Autometer makes one that will fit a 91 you will have to check out Autometer

If they don't make one then I'm sure someone has adapted another application to fit.

i bought a mech water temp gauge, and it works ok, except i tred to make it "off road safe" and seems to not work correctly, but yes you can use a water temp gauge for trans temp. PODS? i used one for a moostang on a 93 ranger, the one in my truck now is off a early firechicken...look at my cardomain page for info on how i did mine, it is starting to seem a "what not to do"

Where can I get a bit more info on these pod's ?
Meaning, avaliblity for a 2000, color match, do they replace the existing trim or do they snap on to the existing trim?