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Looking for a used X ... questions


January 26, 2001
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I am looking for a used X, probably a 2000 or 2001. I want an Eddie Bauer or Limited, but may end up with an XLT. What I am looking for is info on what to AVOID. I have read that there were problems with the timing chains on the earlier models. Have they gotten that fixed, or was it fixed by 2000? Anything else to avoid such as AWD? Thanks in advance for all responses and I look forward to joining your ranks in the near future.

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I believe the timing chain problem was addressed by 2000, but there still have been some that have experienced the problem.

Originally posted by Elevatorguy
Anything else to avoid such as AWD?
I certainly wouldn't avoid AWD... as the AWDs came with one of the strongest and best transmissions that Ford ever made. Along with the fact that you can only get the 5.0 stock with the AWD... definately, keep your eye open for one.

Good luck!


Well aside from the typical stupid SOHC repairs and one uncommon one, I love my Sport SOHC. Granted it's a '99 so I have more issues than the 2000 will... I think you would like it alot. If you have a heavy foot it will drink gas, my last tank I got 12 mpg city, but it is a very zippy V6, one of the most likeable that I have driven. I think its great, but if I could afford one, I would have gotten a 4x4 5L, but it was a bit to much for me to spend.

Thanks for all of the responses. As far as the 8 cylinder goes, what type of mileage can i expect with it? I ahve driven X's with the V-6, and they have plenty of power for me. However, if the gas mileage is comparable, I would like the V-8 to have in case I ever need to tow anything. Also, anything to lookout for on the V-8 equipped trucks that I wouldn't be looking for on the V-6?

Thanks again.

Also, anything to lookout for on the V-8 equipped trucks that I wouldn't be looking for on the V-6?

You may as well order your Ford Motorsport headers now because the stock manfolds will crack/leak. Other than that, the V8 motors are basically bullet-proof. Also, DO NOT avoid AWD. Its awesome. :D