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looking for bel air/abingdon,md area explorers


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August 24, 2007
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City, State
harford county, md
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04 limited, 93 xlt
hey i am looking for some people in the abingdon/bel air,md area explorers. just looking for some people to go wheeling with.

if u live around there and see a blue 2nd gen thats always muddy that would be me.

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Im in Columbia

There's a sas primer gray one in Bel Air.. The owner has something fishy about her. :p:

yea i know bout that one i always end up behind her in traffic lol its a nice truck though

im in a 02 fx4 silver ranger sased with cali plates. im in bel air and edgewood alot. just got here so i dont know any good spots locally.

There are no legal spots in that area.. The closest is in PA or in Western MD/VA/WV.