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Looking for Black housing headlights


January 4, 2010
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Scotch Plains, NJ
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96 XLT
I'm in the process of trying to find a set of black housing headlights. I've seen the ones posted all over ebay but am only finding sets with the orange reflector in the corner. Does anyone know where I can find a set of black housings with a clear reflector?

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They stopped making those ones a few years back unfortunately. But I'd get some clear headlights and clear corners, open them up and paint them. That's what I was planning on doing but changed my mind. Aftermarket ones are super easy to open up too

DOT (FMVSS 108) approval requires corner lenses to have amber reflectors, although clear corners can still be found on eBay, etc.


Here are two projects to modify your OEM lights if you want to proceed. IMO, they are not very dark and hardly worth the effort. GL

DIY Lense Blackouts

Clear Corner Lenses

Well that's just silly that they still sell clear corners but not black housing clear corners. Thank you both, I guess I'll order a set of clear corners and swap reflectors with the orange reflector in the black housing

Be careful removing the stock amber corner reflectors, may be sonically welded. Don't recall it ever being done on ST's or Sports.

If they weren't made by 2010, they probably never will be. Very likely a liability issue. Gen 1 ST ended in 2005. See post #11


Trust me when I say this, if you plan on buying a set of clear corners, opening them in the oven and painting the inside black you will go through a few pairs. On my '01 sport I went through 3 sets of clear corners before I finally figured out a way to open them without them cracking. The corner markers are made very cheap unlike the actual headlight. Just a heads up in case you go that route.

That's actually what I planned on. I bought a set of clear corners and black headlights/corners and planned to toss them in the oven and seperate them while keeping steady heat from a heat gun on them to swap lenses. I've done this on my Grand Prix and Camaro before. How did you go about opening them up?

The best information on this is found on hid planet. I've been wanting to do a retro for some time now and that site seems to be the go to- great how to's