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Looking for Cross Bars for an '04


March 12, 2014
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2005 nissan sentra
Hey everyone,

I am looking for some cross bars so I can mount a Yakima basket on top of the truck. However I am having some trouble finding a good deal on crossbars. I would prefer not to go aftermarket as I think they just don't look very clean (if anyone has a picture of a cheap aftermarket rig they have please post and let me know the brand).

The cheapest I have found was around $170 on ebay for a new paid. I would be fine with a used pair though as I am going to cover them with the basket anyway.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

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As I search around a bit more, I was wondering if any of the Ford Explorer cross bars would be compatible with an '04 Sport Trac?

as far as i know no they wont fit but i had asked a guy with a sport who had a nice set of slim bars and he said he bought them at the dealer for i think 70 but im not sure

I was in the same dilemma when I got my ST because I needed to put J-Racks up there to haul kayaks with. After looking around and a lot of debating on how much I wanted to pay, I settled for These. They were cheap and do the job perfectly. I only throw them up there whenever I'm going to haul something, so looks weren't as important to me.



FYI, OEM part number is 1L2Z-9855100-AA. Here's a set for $106.19: Link

Better yet, go to tascaparts.com and search for that part number, they have it for $98.99. There are also coupon codes floating around for free shipping and/or 5% off.
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Thanks for all the replies guys. I just came across a Yakimata Basket thread which details that crossbars are not necessary to mount the basket.

I think I would prefer the lower profile look anyhow. Now to find a good deal on the basket :)