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Looking for fender flares

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I dont think there's a company that makes any after markte ones but you might be able to go to the salvage yard and get some of the grey ones that came on some Explorers or get some off an Edie Bauer editon they came with some pretty big flares.

they do sell universal fender flares like whats on the old broncos. look on 4wheelparts.com for them

I kinda wanted to ask the same. why do you need 4 inch flares are you fitting on like 16 inch wide tires
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Well it's real simple cops up in QUEBEC are real pain in the *ss if it comes close to sticking out they will give you a ticket and if i fight it i loose a day of work witch is alot more money then you still need to prove it in court that you are legal and go for inspection and i am still working on it will only be ready in September.

ya but there to small need at least 4 inch lol.

i make flair fenders check out my thread




300 for the front set.

PM me if you need more info

What did you use to color your rims? I've seen some Duplicolor stuff for rims.

I haven't seen anything new with 86's explorer for a short while now? Still looking forward to seeing some vids of him getting air:D

Honestly, these fenders look like dog sh!#

Thanks for saying what I was thinking. I hate to crap on someone else's work but those do look pretty unappealing.

If you have pictures of some properly fitted and finished I'd like to see them.