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Looking for help from Bass heads like myself.


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December 27, 2002
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Rockford, IL
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97 XLT 4x4
Im getting ready to enter a SPL contest.
Here is what I have so far
Kenwood Excelon KDC-X869
Rockford Fosgate Punch 801S
2 15 inch Kicker Comp VR's
4 Pioneer 3 way 6X8's

My Comp VR'S are going to be in a ported box that is 5 cubic feet per sub.
I hopeing to hit at least 155 Db with this set up.
What parts of my 97 4 door Explorer will start to rattle with about 150 Db or more.
Thanks for your help

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your rear window on the hatch

The back hatch is gonna rattle like there is no tomorrow. I dont think there you can do about rattles when its going to be that loud.

The roof rack rails are gonna rattle when the roof starts flexing.. Only thing you can do is find a way to reinforce it and/or put some sound deadening up there.

Other than that, a certain amount of buzz is pretty much to be expected unless you gut the entire truck and dip the body in a huge tub of bedliner or something.

Is this your first comp or are you a regular competitor, because I highly doubt you are going to hit 155 with that, unless you have one bad ass box.

I think with that setup and the new mics, you are realistically looking at around 144-148.

Originally posted by airkevin23
Is this your first comp or are you a regular competitor, because I highly doubt you are going to hit 155 with that, unless you have one bad ass box.
No this is not my 1st Comp. But this is my 1st huge system in my Explorer.
And yes its going to be a bad ass box. One of my boys have been building sub boxes for about 8 years now.
Him and I put our heads togeather for this idea.

I think at 150db the whole thing will rattle. As mentioned above the rear hatch will be the worst by far. You can dynomat most of it out of the truck, but the hatch will need serious work.

I'm hitting just a few db's over 150. The back hatch will rattle like a *****. Also sound deaden the roof so it doesn't flex. I can pretty much gaurantee you are not going to come close to 155, that is a lot, especially with just 800 odd something watts.

My last Comp I hit 147.6 with 2 12 inch Rockford Fosgate powers in a ported box. Pushing the powers was a Power Acoustik amp (G1500-2)
Im trying something diffrent with this box (I should have some pictures of the box in a few days if anyone would like to c them. But I wont know what Im hitting till the 24th.

Do you have any pictures of your system I would like to check it out.
Oh and the amp is 875 RMS. And Im sure you know that a well though out system can hit more DB's the one just slapped togeather.(Which means that you dont have 500,000 watts to make a loud noise.)

That is quite the nice looking set up ya got there.
Mine is going to take up the hold back hatch as well. From top to bottom. (5 cubic feet per sub is alot of space.)
Ill have a few pictures of mine in a fer days and I will be sure to post results.
I am getting ready to install 3 10 inch Kicker comps with a Rockford Fosgate Power 500BD in my s10 some time between now and when this SPL contest is over.