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Looking for Homelink system


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March 28, 2011
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Oakland, CA
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2005 Explorer Limited
I used to have the HomeLink system in my 2000 Pathfinder and come to find my newly aquired 2005 Explorer does not have it? (Go figure, this model was the "Limited" too, you would think it would've came with one).

Does anyone know if the HomeLink accessory was strictly a rear-view mirror accessory or is there a visor or overhead center console attachment?

I saw the DIY message with some guy installing it next to Moonroof switch. I don't have a Moonroof and my overhead console has the rear heater control, sunglass holder and garage door holder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i dont think ive seen one with it in the mirror, maybe your thinking of onstar(GM) or the auto dimmer? Mine was next to the moonroof, where i changed mine to leds becasue i didnt use it, i believe on the newer explorers there was a little button setup in the sun visor.

Can you link me to the DIY project where the guy installed one next to his moon roof control? All I have is a moon roof control and I'd really like to install one in my 2002!


Joe Dirt has a couple homelink modules for sale, shoot him a PM, very easy to install in the headliner or something if I recall.

If Joe can't help, check Ebay. There's two or three used ones on there right now that mount into the overhead console. Some for sunroof vehicles, some without.

Joe, you still have those homelinks?

Yes, they're in my "Oodles" for sale thread.

None of them are replacements for a gen III though, they would all be remote installs.

Here's a Gentex mirror Part# 50-GENK40A that has the Homelink built into it. It's sold by Mito Corp for $259.


It's also on Ebay for $209.



Just a note for those who search to this thread- I do not have any more Homelink modules...

Thanks Joe.

Found one on ebay that came with the whole overhead console, auto-dimming mirror and all wiring harnesses. All I need is the panel with the homelink module. Hopefully all the wiring harness is up in the headliner somewhere so it can be a plug 'n play operation.

Hopefully all the wiring harness is up in the
headliner somewhere so it can be a plug 'n play operation.

should be, (not 100%), i was able to add parking assist and all harness, relays where already there. . .just added a switch, module and bumper of course. all plug and play.

You just need to tap the + & - for the homelink. There is plenty up there that you can tap into. Joe's video on installing the homelink is very informative. Let me know if you need me to locate it.

I am doing a homelink install now, if that video is on here, i cant seem to find it.

my big questions are, is the green or the black wire on homelink unit positve, and if anyone knows if the map light switches break the positive or break the ground.