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Looking for part # for 99 EB Mach Subwoofer/AMP


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March 5, 2017
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1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Anyone have the part # for the subwoofer/amp on a 1999 Eddie Bauer with a Mach Audio System? Mine made it 18 years, but finally died. Not looking to spend hundreds of dollars for an aftermarket replacement, but hoping to find one online or from a junkyard, but since it is the Mach Audio system I wanted to make sure it worked. I found someone online coming from a Mercury Mountaineer and a part #F80F-18C808-BA (SA546).


Any Mach amp from the 98-01 Explorer/Mountaineer should be the same. I have one and maybe two that I haven't gotten rid of yet. The speakers are the weakest links, both of mine died long ago.

Thanks. How long does it take to remove and replace, a 2 hour project or longer?

I'd say 90 minutes if it goes smoothly. The long part is to remove the trim pieces, and unless you know how to take the grille trim of without breaking it, take the whole large quarter trim panel off. I don't know how those special grille locking clips come off, and they will break if you just pry them straight out. The big panel is just time consuming, you have to take a lot of perimeter pieces off, including the seat belt bolts(T50 socket) at the RR door. It's not hard, just a bunch of little things. Inside, changing the speaker is fairly simple.