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Looking for Performance in all the wrong places


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August 18, 2004
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99 Sport
OK, here’s an easy question with seemingly not an easy answer: I have a 99 sport 4L SOHC with two separate pipes off the headers into two separate cat’s that bolt into a dual inlet muffler / exhaust (one pipe outlet from the muffler).

It seems no one makes an aftermarket performance exhaust for this car (I have looked at all the major players), all the sport PE’s only are made with a single inlet muffler, which do not fit my configuration. (The dual inlets that I’ve found are seem only to be made for the 4DR’s).

Any Ideas, or is custom built the only way I have to go from here?


Also what seem to give the best performance boost for the buck? (Air inlet / Chip/ Engine components / etc)

It's pretty untangable to get a "bolt-on" piece for the Explorer exhaust. I'm surprised you do not have a y-pipe like most explorers (but I've only worked on 4 doors in the shop). Custom exhaust work is the best way for people with Explorers that want good exhaust. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick reply, ya everybody has said the same (regarding Y pipe) Perhaps Ford had to qualify for a race with a certain configuration off the line, or they ran out of parts, who knows, but one thing is for sure I have a twin cat config with two 2 (maybe even 2 ¼â€￾ pipes {they look larger then the 2â€￾ tail pipe}) off each side of the engine.

Gibson makes a very nice one-piece cat back dual inlet for the 4DR that bolts up to the front pipe but the tail pipe is too long for the car (I was thinking of cutting it down but the bends are wrong and the muffler is too long as well).

Well I guess it’s going to be a fabrication job. Looks like I’m going to have save up for something quality.