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Looking for some pricing help!!!


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October 6, 2007
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Oshkosh Wisconsin
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1985 Bronco II, 2.8, 5spd
So heres the deal guys...... As much as i hate to say it, it might be time to let the old dog go. :( I have a 1993 XLT with 209,000 miles on it. It has new brakes all around and the only thing that is wrong with them is that the front rotors are warped a little from a angry drive i took. (like two days after i put them on...dam it):thumbdwn: The engine runs great, with a little tick, maybe rockers or worn cam, who knows. BRAND new water pump, just put it on last weekend. New servo O-Rings, new trans pan gasket. Shocks are only like 3 years old at most. Everything works, 4x4, trans is strong and shifts smooth. A little engine oil leak off the back corner of the right bank valve cover gasket and maybe off the oil pan. NEW battery, again just put in last weekend, spark plug wires and plugs were replaced last fall. I think the control arm bushings are worn out. Any ways.... heres the bad stuff...RUST. As most of you 1st gen owners probably know, they rust, alot. There are basically no lips on the rear fenders starting to rust up into the body a little, rust above the gas fill, through, but not bigger than a quarter. Rockers are basically gone from about the door split to the dog leg. bottom of doors have a little rust and the bottom of the trunk lid.

So all that said, what do you guys all think of a price for it if i did sell it? This is a big IF. And IF i do sell it, im happy to say i am sticking with Ford!!! But what ever i can get out of the X will help with payments on a new 4x4.

Thanks again in advance!!! Oh and if any of you want to buy it.... its for sale hahaha!!!!


And looking at these pictures i remembered that there is the spare rim on the back passenger spot now, the rim is cracked..... which sucked.

I keep thinking of more.. new windshield, apparently the arms that come down to stop you from driving across a opening draw birdge are there for a reason... to break your window for no apparent reason... haha

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$1200.00 on the high side..800.00 on the low just because of the new parts

you live up north

its worth 400-1000. You could probably get eight or nine if your patient.

Looks like it's rusted out...

i disagree. 500 bucks.

yeah i agree 500-800, 1200.00 if your lucky... always try for that then let them talk you down from that ( always been my rule for selling things) but the rust really takes away from he overall value of the truck .i paid $550 for mine with no rust but it was not running either.but seeing as it's 4 wheel drive that should fetch a bit more than 500 thats why i said 800 .people can still buy it with what all is wrong with it appearance wise and still make a good trail rig out of it cause it's a 4x4 .....not to many trail rigs i know that dont have a dent or two on them and rust ........ ;)

if anything he should try to get back the amount of money he put in to it so he can break even at least with out jacking the price all to hell makeing people not want to bother to even look at it .

I'd put $1,000 OBO on it...it's never worth what you put into it. :)

600-700 high miles, leaks oil, and rust. Also are those explorer wheels? Looks like the ones on my old ranger.

yes they are ...i got the same ones on mine....need new center caps tho (lol)

Cool, most first gens around here have those 5 spoked ones.
Also a good wash and wax and interior cleaning may also bring the price up:D

believe that ! ;)