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looking for the trans solenoid pack wire pinout diagram


February 1, 2015
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I am in the process of a transmission swap on my 02 with the 4.6 and the solenoid pack 16 pin connector was corroded to the transmission body and brittle, needless to say it broke into a million pieces and I now have to change the connector not a big deal, except some of the wires came out of the factory connector and I need to double check so I can wire up the new one correctly. basically looking for a ford schematic with all the wire colors and tracers. can anybody help me? please and thank you.

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This may help

Brad- you are the best! I have been looking all over for this! thank you!

Your very welcome. Hope this will help you out. They make a replacement external pig tail if that might be of interest. Good luck.

brad- I noticed there are 2 violet/yellow wires in the harness which one goes to which? pin 14 and 3 can they be mixed up or do I need to back problem them to figure out where they go?

from what I can tell it shouldn't matter because they both go to the lockup solenoid am I correct?

One supplies power and the other ground signal. So needs to be correct location. Here is another view of schematic.

thanks again! I thats kinda what I thought but wanted to double check before I did that.