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looking for tips of scrapping out


March 2, 2004
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San Carlos,Mexico
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Hi all, the motor went out on my '92. at 330,000 miles. head gasket blew and she overheated bad, something came loose inside. Burned a lot of oil before it and was used as a work truck the last ten years, and is in terrible shape, shot suspention and whatnot.
I have a 91 in better shape, so I am going to strip out everything that I can of the 92' sell and sell it. I'm going to keep the motor accesories for the spare parts for the 91". When It is as naked as I can manage, her body is going to the iron crap yard.
So most of it will be scrap, and I can get more by breaking it down myself that selling her for junk whole. ( can't sell is for salvage, because I live in Mexico and she has a AZ title in my name. She is not legal to sell unless I officially import it, which cost about 1500$ U.S. )
Any tips on making the most of it?
Right now my plan is to strip all wiring for copper and remove all aluminum from motor.
what other non iron parts of any scrap value are to be found?

I would grab all the sensors, EEC relays, ac compressor, even the radiator if it's good. Transfer case, auto hubs are all things that like to give you a headache

haha strip all the copper, tell me how much it comes out to. yeah just get things your liable to break, drive shaft,radiator,maf,sensors.

Will do. Thanks for replying guys. Going to tear into it tomorrow.