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Looking for winch bumper and rear bumper for 91 Ex Sport


December 17, 2001
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
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1991 Explorer Sport
I am looking for a winch bumper for a 91 Explorer Sport. I checked out James Duff, but I am still looking for more options. The bumper I am looking for is a prerunner style (but open to suggestions) with the hoop over the winch, AND a receiver for a hitch, AND hooks also (not to be confused with a plain ol' receiver bumper). ( I may be asking for too much????)

I am also looking for a bumper with a receiver for the rear.
I'm not sure if the regular Explorer or possibly a Ranger has the same mounting brackets for a rear bumper.

Any pics and part numbers and where I could get them would be awesome.

Also looking for ideas for body armor, skidplates and rock sliders. Here in New Mexico it's a lot of ROCKS everywhere, so I'm trying to get as prepared as possible. Pics would be great.

:fire: It seems so hard to find anything for the 1st gen Explorers, . :fire:

Thanks in advance. :D :D :D

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I think the rock sliders would have to be custom made, I dont think anyone just sells them for explorers... same with the bumpers, not really many options there either.

Just what I thought. :mad: :banghead:

I hope someone out there can at least post some pics of their stuff so I can try and come up with something for my rig. I looked around in he registry but there aren't that many 1st gen X's with winch bumpers.

I searched this forum and came up with this. Look through that, there are a ton of bumpers that members have had made or made themselves.

do you have any interest in buying my bumpers and sliders? All bolt-on, you would need to make a way to mount the sliders I welded on a section onto the frame.

My truck has driven maybe 100 miles in the past 10 months so I'm just seeing what someone may give for the parts. Winch is on a 2" receiver and also has a light bar that is removeable.


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How much for the front bumper?

Sorry everyone. I was out of town, and had no way to check up on my post. I've a couple of comments to make:

FROADER, the link in your post doesn't work, Can you repost???

Brian1 I posted comments on your post. Its one bad mother!!!!

Dannyboy I will PM you. P.S. your rig is a MONSTER!!!!

Dannyboy, how much for the front and/or the rear bumper? Would you be willing to ship if I paid the shipping?


FROADER, thanks for the link. Now I've got so many ideas I don't know what to do.

Brian1, left another post on your thread.

I want to thank everyone again for their help. Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!