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looking to buy 2003 Eddie Bauer


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March 18, 2013
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Lehigh Valley PA
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Hi everyone,

So I am not an owner of an Explorer, yet. It is time for a new car and the wife and I settled on Explorer. Well after a month of searching we found a 2003 Eddie Bauer edition. Good price, very clean, very nice. So the wife and I test drove it. As I drove it I did notice a lot of, best I can describe it, as high pitched whine. Almost like turbo. It seem to drive ok. Little slippage on one gear change. So I told the dealer. We really liked the vehicle a lot. So my father-in-law came with me the next day to drive it. As we got to the Explorer the dealer came up and said I was lucky to get there, He drove it after I informed him of the whine and he heard it to, So he was taking it to the shop to make sure it was ok. Pretty impressive he listened to me. Anyways, on the way home I convince my father-in-law to stop and check out another one we saw. A 2004 XLT Limited. Very nice as well. Lots more bells and whistles. So we decided to give that one a test drive, and the difference in noise was amazing. It was very quiet, compared to the Eddie Bauer. I called my wife in the test drive of both and on the Eddie Bauer I felt like I had to scream into the phone.

Now the dealer called back today, he said the Explorer is fine. It's the fan that is loud and after driving it a while it quiets down. It's not that I don't believe him. I just only drove 3 different Explorers so I do not know if that is how a 2003 EB should sound. We really like it. But we are not sure especially noting the difference between the EB and the Limited. Any help would be much appreciated. We are looking at trying to buy it with in the next couple days..

Thanks in advance

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I would stay away from the noisy one. might be the rear end howl or another crap shoot problem.

Agreed on that one. The 2003 EB should sound no different than any other Explorer in the same time frame unless something is wrong with it. Dealer ain't gonna fix it right-they're gonna get it off their lot and take a chance that it lasts past the 90-day warranty for whomever buys it.

Don't buy the 2003 EB unless the dealer makes an actual repair (fan clutch, work on rear differential, replaces wheel bearing(s), etc.) and then you hear it much quieter as a result. Don't just put up with it because you like the vehicle. These vehicles are known to have the issues I mentioned and they can be expensive if you are not a DIY'er. Even then they still can be expensive if you are forced to throw parts at it while guessing.

Thank you both for the advice, We actually went back last night a drove it again. This time I took it on the highway as well as some hilly terrain. The "whine" is gone. It actually is very quiet now. We still are going to have our family mechanic to it a once over. He is giving use a warranty with it. So we are moving forward on buying it. I keep thinking maybe I was nuts in what I heard. But the dealer took me serious enough to have it checked out. I crossing my fingers it works. Then I can be official on here haha.

Thanks again.

What are the miles on the different ones you are interested in?

What are the miles on the different ones you are interested in?

It has 110,000. We ended up buying it. and two hours after we took it home we got a brake rub. Called the dealer he said bring it up. It has new breaks but Something must have been rubbing with the E brake. First thing we all thought of. Even though my wife or I never activated it. It's all good now. We love it. It is fun to drive. Couple quirks. The driver side heated seat won't shut off, unless it reaches temp, the passenger side heated seat doesn't turn on. Neither are a huge issue for us. I did find out how ever. the passenger side right most air vent was not blowing heat as all the other vents in the truck were. Again nothing I am too concerned with, since its 10 years old.

With the problems mentioned with this individual vehicle, and that the dealer is having to fix them all, I probably would've found a different one. But looks like they are making it right. Hope all goes well with the vehicle.

i really hope the price was good.