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Looking to buy a 2015 Explorer Sport

Soo....how much can I tow with my Sport and the standard towing Class 3 package (52T)? Ford's brochure says, from the way I read it, only 2000 lbs unless I purchased the "optional heavy duty Tow Package and weight-distributing hitch", then I can tow the maximum for an Explorer, 5000 lbs. Do I have the optional heavy duty Tow Package? It's not on the window sticker under options. I think Ford needs to make it clearer or I'm just a dummy :D .
That's a very good question. When doing the 'Build & Price' I don't see any option to order the items mentioned in the link you provided.


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That's a very good question. When doing the 'Build & Price' I don't see any option to order the items mentioned in the link you provided.


I agree Peter, build & price seems to be in conflict with the towing guide. Just thinking out loud, maybe they are speaking (in the towing guide) that a weight distributing hitch must be utilized in order to achieve the 5000 pound rating. With a standard ball mount without equalizer bars, then only 2000 pounds. Just guessing here...

Well, after reading the owners manual, reading the Tow Guide and reading the sales brochure, it looks like all Sports DID come with the trailer tow package that allows upto 5000 pounds towing (2000 pounds with a non weight distributing hitch).

Learn something new everyday... :D
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This is pretty disappointing. Not many trailers in the 5,000 lb range even have a mounting point for a weight distributing hitch. I know my boat trailer tongue does not Y until 3-4 feet behind the ball mount, not even sure how you rig up a weight distribution hitch to it. Guess we will still be limited to the truck for boat towing.

And 6k off MSRP? It seems like you should be able to work that deal without the 2016s coming out. They're alsways offering 10-15k off of similarly priced F150s.

Also my wife wants the bench seat. So no buckets.

I wish it had a larger fuel tank so I didn't have to fill up quite as often.

Yes!!! Why did Ford do this? How hard could it have been to fit a few more gallons in there?


So after careful consideration we decided the that explorer sport was not going to meet our needs in regards to size and towing capacity. We opted to go for an expedition. Here is a picture of my wife standing next to the 2015 Limited Expedition she put a deposit down on and that we will be buying when I get back in town on Tuesday. The explorer tow capacity of 5,000 lb with weight distributing hitch just didnt cut it for us. The expedition is rated for 9,200 and the increased space will just us more room to grow our family over the next 10-15 years. Thanks for everyones input on here.