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Looking to get some New rims, Need some help.


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June 21, 2013
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Western Ma.
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97 Sport 4wd 4.0 ohv 5spd
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking to replace my old rims with some new ones that don't cost a fortune. As you can see in the pic. mine look pretty beat up. They look okay from a distance but not up close.
I found these at a pretty good price, but their website says they're not a fit for my Explorer. The bolt pattern, size, and width are a match, am I missing something?
I just don't want to get them and find out they don't fit.
Any help would be Greatly Appreciated.
Here's a link to the website, if you scroll down the page you'll see where it says they don't fit. Thanks! Bassett 57RF375S 15X7 DOT D-Hole 5x4.5 3.75 In Bckspc Wheel
Snapshot - 1 My Rim.png

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havent looked too closely at the site, but i wonder if its gotta do with backspacing & offset. if its held too "closely" or too far out, it may require trimming to fit or a spacer to push it out more? here in socal, we got no shrotage of decent rims!

Your stock wheels have a backspacing of 4 and 3/8 inches, so the Bassett's would stick out farther. There was no mention of the center bore diameter either, although it appeared to be large enough...? Those were lug-centric rather than hub-centric.

An option would be to refinish yours, by sanding and spraying with a sparkle silver finish...

Your original wheels don't look great, but other used wheels will have some defects, you just hope for fewer.

Those aftermarket wheels will stick out at least 1/2" farther, but as mentioned you don't know about the hub center hole either. Stock is 70.3mm if I recall right, ideally you want wheels made for the vehicle's hub, so all of the weight is on the hub, instead of the lugnuts.

I'd hunt around for some used wheels, any of the 1991-2001 Explorers will work. They all were 7" wide and had the same dimensions other than the later models being for 16" tires. Even the early Sport Trac and 2001-03 Sport wheels will all work well.

Mazda truck rims are dimensionally identical to the Explorers, and are better looking IMHO.
Lots of options out there...