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Looking to purchase a 2004 Eddie Bauer V6, problems to look for?


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September 15, 2006
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2004 Eddie Bauer
I found a 2004 Eddie Bauer V6 4X4, black automatic with 39K miles that im considering purchasing. Im going out to the dealership tomorrow to check it over and im wondering what specific areas i should pay special attention to. I've read a few things about the transmissions on these so i plan to pay attention to how it shifts while driving and have that checked out. Anything else? Also, what is Flexible Fuel Capability?

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well the eddie bauer explorer turned out to be a piece of junk just like the other 4 i have looked at. is 2002-2005 just a bad year for the explorer? out of the 4 eddie bauers i have looked at in the 20K-40K mile range, each one has had issues. Ranging from something scrubbing/rubbing in the rear end to loud rear end whine to hearing noises in the engine compartment. As many of these things that are on the roads, why can't i find one thats in decent condition. Its almost a joke listening to some sales guy give me a spiel about "certified" quality blah blah and checked when it will need to go straight to the shop first. After much frustration i went to look at the new ones and I just can't justify spending $40K on a loaded explorer.

I've got one with 59,000+ miles. It is a V-8, but otherwise should be about the same. No problems. Can't explain other's problems.

found two more that have all the options that im looking for...planning on checking them out in the AM.

Another one i looked at today had problems as well. It had a check engine light that kept flashing.. so i checked the gas cap in case it was something simple like that but then it shut off while idleing so i walked away from that one. The other one I planned to check out was sold before i got there.

Anyone here familiar with the Ford PremiumCare 500+ extended warranty?

The dealership from one of the explorer's i looked at keeps calling and insists that they are fixing the rear end whine right this very moment :rolleyes:

Just to provide another update, one of the eddie bauer explorers ii looked at with the whining/scrubbing coming from the rear end. The dealer called me, and said it has been fixed in their service dept and offered $1K off the dealer asking price and will include the 500+ premium care warranty.

Update: I took the *Certified* 2004 Eddie Bauer explorer out to have it checked over once again by a independent shop to make sure everything was okay with it. Here was the list. Brakes had 20% pad life remaining, oil leak around the oil pan, headlight knob just came off in mechanics hand, and there was a whine coming from the rear end.

Not trying to be anti ford or anything, but I used to own a 2002 Ex and got rid of it after 2 years. I had nothing but problems with. Had to take it back to the dealer/shop approx 13 times for various issues from the rear end whine to the rear glass exploding, to the various interior trim pieces falling off. The most annoying issue was the extremely stiff suspension which ford never fixed for me. Could have been a lemmon...not too sure. If you do a search on problems with 2002 Explorer you may find some previous post's of mine revealing all of the problems. I replaced the Ex with an 05 Toyota Sequoia and could not be happier. Good luck. I still love to cruise the site though.

Since my quest for a used explorer isn't going well, I went back out to look at the new '06 models again yesterday evening. I just can't believe that you can get a brand new 5.4L expedition eddie bauer for $42K and a fully loaded eddie bauer v8 explorer costs $41K. Even with my X-Plan, its still up for a explorer.

Transmission, Transmission, Transmission. Pay attention to how it engages into gear, shifts, abnormal noises.

I have a '04 EB AWD V8, ClassII 3.55s. Under warranty only thing that went has been the ABS sensor and I replaced the Struts (my cost). Rides great, Runs great, on par if not better than my Jeeps. I'm not afraid to get hit by another truck with its full frame. The ones I have seen involved in accidents have faired really well, passenger cabin intact. I have seen small unit-body trucks open up like a tin can, no survivors.
I would buy my Ford again.

$41,000.00 for an Explorer lawdog? Jeeeez. I did not know they were that expensive. I paid $42,500.00 for my fully loaded Sequoia.

Just thought I would provide an update. Yesterday, I purchased a Acura MDX. I'm not here to bash ford or anything but there were way too many problems with each of the used eddie bauer explorer's I looked at. Even the certified ones.