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Loose speedo needle, causing surging cruise control


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July 16, 2001
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99 Explorer Sport
How can I fix this. I've learned to live with it for the longest while but basically its as follows:

Get on the highway set the cruise control. The speedo needle is not precise in the sense that it kinda floats within 3 clicks of the actual speed.

the cruise control thinking that the truck is actually losing or gaining speed when in fact its not, tries to compensate by giving the truck throttle, thus having this surging effect.

driving the the truck at a constant speed without having the cruise control on, it does not surge...naturally ;)

is it a speedo cable er sumthin that has to be fixed?



Replace the speedo cable. Cost should be around $40 - $45. I have heard of people taking it apart and re-lubing, but in the long run it will need replaced.

Do a search!! There are treads on here to replace them.

well i read some of the other threads and their speedo was jumping *way* more than mine. ones were indicating jumps from 65 up to 80 and stuff.

mine ain't near that. i'm getting my manual from the gf's tonight and hopefully its in the Haynes there somewhere. :)

If it's causing your cruise contrlo to surge or lurch, then it's your cable. Mine started the same way, very mild at first and then very eratic. Sometimes it works fine other times it looks like it's gonna jump out of the dash!

I have the new cable but have been too lazy to put it in.