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losing engine power


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March 12, 2015
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1994 ford explorer
no engine power while parked or driving past 3500 rpm. like a rev limiter kicking in. have replaced fuel filter and fuel regulator, fuel pressure checks are good. replaced TPS, IAT, ECT, EEC, and have used a known working coil pack from friends working vehicle.

CKS has been checked and appears to be good. have not checked cam shaft sensor. ICM has not been checked.

In a past thread, the right bank plugs were burning up along with above issues, suggestions of high exhaust temps due to catalytic converter failure. rotted out converter and this issue seems to have been resolved. Do have a problem with number one cylnder miss by pulling plug wires off. also wondering if high exhaust temps could have effected injector nossle tips.

please help asap - work ride. no ckeck eng. lights and don't have code reader at the time of this post.

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Not sure what you mean no power while parked.

How fast are you driving when you tach 3500 RPM's or did you mean wont rev past 3500 while parked

You didn't mention doing anything with the MAF. Clean it and see where that gets you.

The no power problems occur whether being parked above 3500 RPM and while driving will run fine up to a certain RPM range while pulling a hill (live in WV) and its just like a switch is turned on - either lack of spark or fuel. Can change throttle position slightly or downshift and it will correct itself for a while and then repeats.

Also MAF sensor was also replaced with known working one.

run seafoam in your gas tank (read the instructions)

you say theres a miss? i had oreilly house brand wires on mine and there was a slight miss and not much power off the line. couldnt figure it out. replaced them with the motorcraft and its all good. seafoam helps with injectors. you can also run it through the brake booster to clean valves etc

Plugs burning up? Are we talking erosion from pre-detonation, showing too high of heat range, turning white, or what? I'm not sure if you have any way to check timing, but it sounds like it might be a cps problem.