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Losing Faith, Please Help!! No power


November 27, 2009
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91 Explorer XL
Ok. I have been having issues with this POS. LOL. It has a rough idle at start up and will straighten out within a couple seconds. It run nice and strong, but when warm up ( or in closed loop ) it starts to lose power big time. The rpms will climb and not pick up speed. Now if I let off throttle an ease into it, it'll pick up the pace. It started doing this on a rainy day. Yesterday was the first day in while it has been dry and it ran all day beautiful. Well..... It snowed last night and I took it out. It ran fine untill it got nice and wet and started the same bs again but worse.

I replaced spark plugs, coil pack, wires, fuel filter.

I checked and cleaned, tps, maf, cleaned iac

Is it an auto? If so you need to stop looking at the motor and look into the transmission. If its revving out and not picking up speed its either slipping, or the torque converter is screwed.

I thought that too. But why would it run fine when its dry? I checked tranny and it smells and looks fine.

Check the connectors at the O2 sensor, crank pos sensor and other things low to the ground. These might be damaged or corroded. You obviously are getting water shorting something out. Check your EDIS module it may be getting wet too.

Next dry day, spray some things with a squirt gun while the motor is running and see what starts messing up when you hit it with water. You can't make it any worse!