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April 17, 2007
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Spain, Málaga
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XL ´99
Hi Everyone!!

Sorry to bother, I´m not the most technical guy around, this morning driving to work my great explorer started to lose power and the revs where unnatural high so I slowed down and in the end made it up to a carpark where now it doesn´t want to get into gear at all, there is a yellow icon on the bottom right if the dasboard blinking, any suggestions before I call the tow away truck and take it to the bbbbbrrrrrr scary ford dealer!!!!
Thanx a lot!!!:roll:

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First - Check the fluid level (warm, engine running). Then assuming that is ok, get the codes read (that's what the flashing light is telling you, the computer is DYING to tell you something.)

Hello, thanx for the reply, yes it is the OD light blinking...after I parked it for an hour or two I could put the car in gear ( no normal function, but not idle) for about 200 meters , then it went back into idle, I mean even accelarating hard the car doesn´t move. I have noticed a ratling noice coming from under the car and when I checked the liquid it smelled a bit burned. Since then I have towed it to the ford dealer, a Mechanic said imediatly,¨it must be the automatic gearbox, better and cheaper a new one instead of us reparing, price , 2000,-€-2700$, this broke my spirit, lol<----now!!!
I left the car and said I think about it, Tomorrow is another day. thanx again for the reply.

And did you ever check the fluid level?

Much to my embarassement I must admit that now reading the forum I never checked the fluid or the filter, I bought the car from the Ford dealer, it was the directors car at that time so I asume they must have checked it at some times, Í have had the car since November 03, and have done 85.000 km´s.
When I checked the oil it seemed at the right level, but it smelled burned.
I guess the verdict will be ¨Guilty¨
Thanx again for the reply, boasts the moral!!

Here is a color chart for ATF:

Thanx BrooklynBay , The colour seems the one which is not too bad, tomorrow I ´ll check the levelagain with the motor warm and try to get these codes out. Much Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup: