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Losing some weight


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March 30, 2007
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91 XLT
Ok so since the rockers are shot:


I have planned to cut them off. Here is the planned route and, yes, if this look like something you have seen before, you have. James T did it on his sport. This is where I got the idea, so thanks James.





I decided while I'm cutting stuff off I would also cut the fenders. Here is how it maybe cut.


Originally, I thought, just stay with the original upper fender line.

Then I thought, make it just a tad higher.


So, these are just templates for now. Gonna go over with a buddy of mine today over some beers and start cutting tomorrow. For those that have done this already, if you have any tips or advice, you have 24 hours to share with me. Opinions are much appreciated. :salute:

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What are you going to finish the cut edge of the fender with?

My buddy recently trimmed his fenders on his jk and used some door trim. It makes it look really clean and it's made out of some tough stuff. He has rubbed on trees/rocks and the trim scuffed but stayed intact.

The ones at the bottom are flush mount. No lip required. I'd probably use some self-tappers and a tube of primerless urethane.

at least you have rockers, I had nothing but rust under my tupperware.

Looks like a go. Gonna meet up after I take the kids to school and get to work. The front fenders may end up rolled to look kinda factory, as much as possible. The rockers are definitely being cut where the tape is and the rear may see some treatment. Well, I'm going to hit the sack. I'll take pics and post as I can.

Yeah, cut the fenders about an inch lower from where you want the lip, then roll the edge inward to get the factory lip effect. This adds rigidity and keeps the sheet metal from being flimsy. It also lets you re-use the fender lip as a mounting point for the inner fenderwell.

I think you should also move the rocker cut line down, to the white/black line, which is about the same level as the bottom of the doors.

Once you get the rockers cut you should consider getting some sliders. With the rockers gone, the bottom of the doors will now see the direct impact of whatever hits the body. They will add weight, but if you're doing the kind of wheeling where your rockers look like that, you need sliders.

The cutting and grinding is done!!!

Ok.... So, I know this is not a perfect science and I got it as close as I could. I even picked up a couple pieces of cardboard for templates. This took longer than expected because I did not want it to look like a total hackjob. I think it turned out well. I still need to put something on the lip for now, so it wont slice my tire. Here are the pics.

This is how it started out, stock wheel well:

One of the templates, use your imagination here, the other side looked the same.

I decided I wanted to remove 2" inches:

Then I took a deep breath and started with the driver side. The back of the wheel well on the driver's side was dented and hard to get straight, but I got it close:

Then I did the passenger side (sorry its blurry):

Then I cleaned them up with a angle grinder. First a grinding wheel and then a finishing wheel.

Driver's side:

Passenger's side:

I use to work as a pipe fitter for about a year and got handy with a grinder. I even learned a little welding, however, have not used a grinder or sawzall in a while. On the driver's side I was a little nervous at first, but once I got started I was good to go.

The passenger side was a little cleaner. I even had to finish it with the sawzall because I kept blowing up my cutting wheels. Anyways, I am going to get some door trim later today and put it on, tonight or tomorrow, so I can still drive it around, the trim will suffice. I still may make a lip, who knows. I have soccer and karate tonight so I dont know if Ill get to putting on the trim today. Well, let me know what you think.

I just put my Pacer flares straight on after cutting the fenders (no reinforcement lip or anything).
Only thing I added was a 3/16" wire rod w/mounting tabs inside the flare to help push it against the body curvature a bit better. Doesn't seem too overly flimsy.


I agree on the rockers. I cut mine just immediately below the doors, then set the sliders right underneath. This leaves a little bit more of the door sill with the slider right below it.

at least you had rockers still.. lol I had almost nothing below the door sill and on the rear quarter, but was able to get it patched up nicely. you may want to trim the front fenders more on the backside of the tire, I had mine cut like you have yours but still rubbed slightly so i brought the cut back to about the middle of the two lower mounting bolts


FourO - I did have to cut the inside corner, but only after I got the new tires on yesterday. The 33's did not rub at all, but with 35's and two inches wider, it grabbed the tire a little bit. Just a little trim of the inside and I was good to go.

I haven't cut the rockers just yet. I need to remove the doors to cut as high as I want to, so cutting the rockers has been put on the back burner for a couple of weeks. Plus, I want to put the sliders on at the same time, so I'll have time to save to buy the sliders I want.

Before with 33x10.5's:

After with 35x12.5's:

They fit the new wheel well perfectly:

Height and width difference:


I like it. Looking forward to the sliders. What kind of tire is that?

Wood - it's the pro comp extreme mud terrains. So far they ride really well and road noise is minimal. I haven't gotten them into the dirt yet but reviews of the tire say they work well. I am gonna plan a day trip to try them out very soon.

A little late to add new info, but I think you found out you hacked up the fender without accomplishing the clearance you were going for.

The fender just behind the front tire is the only part that really needs to be trimmed, and it's best done by hacking of about half, so you only have one bolt holding the lower part onto the body rather than two.

FROADER's thread shows the effect and clearance you get:


You might also consider using Herculiner or something on the rockers once they're cut, FROADER's rig shows what that looks like as well.