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loss of power


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March 5, 2006
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jackson , mn
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1994 explorer
As I drive I seem to lose power and can not accelerate i can get up to speed but it takes sometime to do so. and when i do it slows again and then seems to come out of it and does it again. does any one have any ideas where to start the fuel pressure is fine could it de the egr valve or something like that? i have a 1994 EB
Thanks chopper

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Does the problem vary if the truck is hot or cold? If it gets worse as it heats up, it could be the cat converter. Have you pulled the engine codes? Could also be the fuel filter.

I talked to my brother in-law who is a mechanic and he said to change the fuel filter and that should cure the problem so I will start there. Sounds like you where thinking that also thanks for your input let you know if that is what it was.

Although the FF maybe part of the problem, its not all of it. There are greater forces at work to keep you from going

Although the FF maybe part of the problem, its not all of it. There are greater forces at work to keep you from going

I change the FF that was not it i unhooked the CC and drove it that is not pluged i have changed the air filter i sure don't know what is up. i know that when up step on it slow you can pick up speed if you try to step on it to the floor it goes no where like it starts to miss fire or something could it be the plug wires? i had a local machanic drive it he sure thought it was a plug exaust system i know that is not it i unhooked everything and drove it and does the same thing. any other ideas that might help?
thanks chopper

I am having this same problem - Did you ever get it fixed or does anyone else have any further info? We have changed CC & FF too - Would appreciate any info.


cloged cat?

Nope, tried that already & that didn't fix it. I did a search in the forum here & am thinking maybe a bad fuel pressure regulator? I guess that is what we will check next unless something else seems more logical?

ive heard the new ethenol fuel clogs filters, reduces power, and ruins your milage....