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Lost 5th Gear After New Clutch & Slave Cylinder


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September 18, 2011
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1997 Ford Explorer 4WD
Had some work done on my 1997 Ford Explorer 5 Speed Manual 4WD, slave cylinder had been going bad and well....it went! New clutch kit, new slave cylinder, flywheel resurfaced, they had problems bleeding the system, but they said it was "fixed" The clutch felt a lot different!! Hard to push down & at times it was hard to get into 1,2,3, & 4 but 5th was the worst. No grinding noise but it just would NOT go into gear without a lot of force & traveling at 65-70 mph!! When vehicle was not running I could get into 1,2,3,4, & reverse but not 5th???
Then within 30 miles of driving, the clutch pedal hesitated to come back up, no 5th gear at all, then no pedal pressure and can't get into any gear!!! Now stuck at a red light!! Shut vehicle off, put into 1st gear & drove home in 1st :)

Do I have more than 1 issue going on? Obviously the system was not properly bled, but do I now have a problem with my transmission????? OMG I need help!!

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Sounds like if you get it properly bled out all will be well.

Shift linkage out of wack?

Bring it back to the shop that did the work, you should be under warranty.

It was not done at a shop, no warranty, just a friend that didn't realize there can be difficulties in bleeding this kind of system.

What do you mean by "shift linkage out of wack" ?

If your saying it was difficult to push the clutch pedal down you may have an issue with the way the clutch was installed. Having air in the lines should make the clutch easier to push down not harder. I would hazard a guess your trans is probably okay but your clutch is not fully disengaging from the flywheel for whatever reason. Might be air but I think you need to make sure all the new stuff was installed correctly.