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Loud 2-3 second grinding noise upon startup


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September 17, 1999
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Hey I figured with the collective knowledge of the group someone could help me out. A while back (while in Moab actually) I noticed a grinding noise just after starting the car, it would last for about 2-3 seconds then not come back until the next time I started the car, and it didn't happen every time I started the car. Doesn't really depend on temperature or how long the engine had been off since I started it up. I have tried listening for the noise, and it seems to be coming from the drivers side of the engine compartment, but I can't pinpoint it exactly. Flushed/filled the power steering fluid just because I thought that could potentially be a problem, but it isn't. After that first noise when first starting, it doesn't come back. I'm about ready to replace the Power Steering Pump with an AGR unit, but not quite... but I don't think thats the full problem anyway.

Matt Adams
94 Explorer 4-door nick-named "Tippy"

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my bet is that your starter is what is making the noise. the solenoid is attached to the top of the starter, and may come loose. also might make sure both are tight. let me know if i was close! Dead Link Removed

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If it is grinding while your turning the key, it could either be the starter gear is toast, or the ring gear is damaged.


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I would take the starter off and have a look at the ring gears/flex plate. When my flex plate cracked, I had a horrific grinding sound when starting. I figured that it was the starter but I was wrong. The flex plate had cracked which caused the starter gear to misalign with the ring gears hence the horrific grinding sound. Total cost $500.00 CDN. I had this happen to me 2 times since I had my Xplorer Dead Link Removed

The grinding sound came from the driver's side below my feet and the sound of metal on metal is truly an awakening sound Dead Link Removed

I really hope that it is just a starter problem.

Good luck.


doo doo happens

just as an update to this - finally replaced the starter over the weekend with dave meisner's help. The flywheel was still in good shape thank goodness. Took two starters to get it right, but now it starts up no problem with no noise at all. It's an autolite, lifetime warranty, hopefully it'll last me a lifetime Dead Link Removed.

Matt Adams
94 Explorer 4-door nick-named "Tippy"